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Cosy Car, Contoured Back Support Cushions, Head Pillows For Cars

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Australian love cars. While cars become more and more important to people's life,back problems assosciated with sitting and driving for long time have also been spreading across all age groups.It has been estimated that 70-90% of people suffer from lower back pain in some form at some point in their lives. Design of car seats,time of driving, road conditions,sitting postures are just some of the factors that causes fatigue and back pain.

At Cosy Car, our mission is to provide the best car seat cushions that help people explore the fun of driving and keep a healthy back at the same time. Whether you are a professional driver or mainly drive between home and work, our contoured back support cushions and pillows will make a big difference to your every day driving experience. With Cosy Car cushions, you will love driving your car more than ever as well as enjoy the long term benefit for your back.

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Cosy Car head pillows and back cushions are not only ergonimically designed but also made of memory foam the hardness of which is carefully adjusted to provide maximum comfort. The finish and colour of our cushions will also compliment your car interior.

memory foam

Althought our seat cushions and lumbar supports are primarily designed for cars, they will actually make you feel much wherever you sit. If you have got chronic back pain or lower back pain or neck pain, you have been to the right place!

Cosy Car's extensive range of car seat cushions are committed to cater everyone's unique requirement. You don't have to have existing neck or back problem before you can enjoy 100% of our cushions and pillows. 100% satisfaction, if not more, is guaranteed as soon as you start driving with Cosy Car products. We are set to make huge difference to everyone's daily driving experience.

Key benefits of Cosy Car products are:

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Immediate effect, Long term benefit!

Don't wait any longer. For your back health and comfort, try our all new ergonomic cushions and pillows today!

Just for the cost of a tank of petrol, Cosy Car will get you going comfortably for ages! Buy online now and start to enjoy life 100%!

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